Episode 121: How Driverless Cars Will Accelerate Our Need For Basic Income.

Episode 121

This week Mike, Faisal, and Brian discuss the world where automation kills the workforce. However, before we start, a big shout out to Wikipedia that turned 16 years old today! Congratulations to Jimmy Wales, the entire team of the Wikimedia Foundation and 100,000s of contributors who donate their time and effort to make Wikipedia what it is today.

Another shout out to Tobias van Schneider who put up a really great 11 most used tools list. Whilst we generally don’t do list, this one was too good to pass up. Lastly, a shout out to Amit, the Co-Founder and Chief Curator of Let’s Talk Payments (LTP). Amit wrote a really great article on the Fintech Story, Hits and Misses from 2013 to 2016 and the Way Forward.

In addition to this, our main topic of the show was to understand how the world will transform when technologies like VR, Driverless Cards, Drones, Cryptocurrency/Bitcoin, Voice Recognition, AI, and Robotics become mainstream. How do we as a society (as we are now) embrace this change, what will happen to the workforce that would be displaced? Will society need to offer basic income to all? Listen in and discover what we have to say!

Our Speakers in this week’s episode:

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Episode 120: Interview with Grace Gong, author of “The Last Key To Success”

Episode 120

This week Mike, Brian and Faisal were honored to have Grace Gong author of “The Last Key To Success” on our show. From China to USA, we trace her journey and how she came to the US and eventually became an author of a book, that is crowd-contributed.
This book is a short guide for people in their 20’s trying to create a company in America. It includes 21 successful founders. In it, each founder covers about 2 out of the 13 topics below to share their opinions and personal experiences from when they started their own business.


Topic including:

  1. How do you start a company?
  2. Resources, experiences, strength?
  3. Co-founder, teammates and mentorship?
  4. Supporting yourself (Financial independence and mentality)
  5. Product
  6. Competition & Trend
  7. Produce, Operate & Manage
  8. Raise money & business model
  9. Scalability & Growth
  10. Sales & marketing
  11. Global/ Visa/ Legal
  12. Dealing with failures
  13. Value, self-improvement & advice

Website: thelastkeytosuccess.com

Our Speakers in this week’s episode:

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Episode 119: A Voice First CES and How Quantum Computers May Crash Bitcoin

Episode 119

This week after a brief holiday break, the three co-hosts, Brian, Mike and Faisal are back on the air. Brian discusses the main stage emergence of voice at the CES where a wide variety of vendors showcased the importance of voice activated products and how it will eventually morph into voice commerce.
Also in the show, we discuss how the evolution of quantum computers may crash bitcoin (amongst other things like secure communication, SSL certificates, etc.) Lastly, we discuss how Pebble which had the most successful kickstarter campaign ever, went out of business and what this means for Apple watch.

Our Speakers in this week’s episode:

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Episode 115: How Blockchain Really Works And Why The Internet Just Crashed

Episode 115

Brian, Mike and Faisal are back on the air. This week we discuss the economic impact of the DDoS attack that happened and how commerce was affected. Also, Faisal explains the blockchain in layman’s terms and what it means for all of us. How will it impact you and I and society on the whole. Why it is being called the “next internet”?
  • What is blockchain and how does it work?
  • Discussed it as an open public decentralized ledger with 3 components:
    • software engineering
    • cryptographic science
    • game theory

We have ability to put out content, now we have ability to move value.

How Blockchain solves double spend problem.

Blockchain work is like dice in a bucket to solve a problem… The more dice you need, the more work it takes.

First application: cross border payments and unknown places.

First trial was UAE to India this year.

Our Speakers in this week’s episode:

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Episode 113: Interview with Jordan Lampe of Dwolla on Same Day ACH

Episode 113

Today, 23rd of September 2016 is a historic day in the Untied States in many ways. 40 years in the making, today marks the first day of what is being called Same Day ACH or SDA. Whilst it isn’t instant settlement, it is progress nonetheless.

I’m very pleased to have on our show Jordan Lampe who is the VP of Policy & Communication at Dwolla. Dwolla is payments related financial services company in Des Monies, Iowa. Dwolla also is one of the members of the Federal Reserve Task Force on Faster Payments initiative. The company already has a real-time mechanism for faster payments, aptly titled Fisync (as in Financial Sync) that enables real-time payment settlement amongst member banks.

Jordan Lampe - Dwolla

About Jordan Lampe:

Lampe leads communication, policy, and public affairs at Dwolla. A vocal and active member in the payments and banking communities, Jordan was elected by the financial technology sector to serve as a steering committee representative on the Federal Reserve’s Faster Payments Task Force. The Fed-sanctioned initiative is charged with identifying new approaches for a national faster payment system. Jordan currently serves as special member on the Iowa Governor’s STEM Advisory Council and is a founding member of the Internet Freedom Business Alliance.

About Dwolla:

Dwolla is the best way for platforms to communicate with our nation’s banking system. Developers and businesses use its simple, yet powerful API to move money between bank accounts, manage customers, and more—all within their own branded experience.

On Wednesday, Dwolla announced its pilot program for Same Day ACH. Its newest addition to the White Label platform, the value-added service will provide platforms and applications an API to access and initiate affordable same day bank transfers to any bank account in the United States. No app downloads, plastic cards, or wires required.

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Interview with Jack Langworthy, Founder & CEO of Ninayo

Episode 112: Interview with Jack Langworthy, Founder & CEO of Ninayo

Episode 112

Mike interviews Jack Langworthy, Founder & CEO of Ninayo. NINAYO.com is an online trading platform targeting emerging markets, launched in Tanzania in May, 2015, and now has over 3500 users. Founder, Jack Langworthy, was in the Peace Corps for years in Tanzania and during his time there he became passionate about solving problems that plague the farming industry.

Interview with Jack Langworthy, Founder & CEO of Ninayo

In a country of 50 Million people (slightly larger than California), there are about 10 Million family farms, and 40% of all the food they produce ends up rotting because of a terribly inefficient system of buying and selling. All this while 30% of the population in the country struggles with malnutrition. Jack tells us about his journey to solve it all!

5 Ideas for Innovation from Tanzania

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Our Speakers in this week’s episode:

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