Episode 106: Interview with Sean Safahi, CEO of Bold

Episode 106

This week joining us is Sean Safahi, who is the CEO of Bold. Bold is a  SF payments company and to explain what they do, etc. we have Sean on the mic this week.
Sean Safahi - CEO of Bold

About Bold:

Bold is the most comprehensive payouts platform, enabling businesses to manage and send payouts thousands of independent workers or suppliers at once. By integrating Bold’s straightforward API or by simply uploading a spreadsheet of payout information, what used to take hours of time is finished in just a couple minutes.


Using multiple payouts providers leads to more points of potential error and more accounts to manage, which means more time spent on payout management for both engineering and administrative teams. That’s why Bold provides ACH, wire, check, and PayPal support, along with the ability to send payouts internationally—the tools businesses at any stage need to successfully send payouts. And with one system of record, and one account to manage, hours of time are reclaimed each week.

Through a single integration with Bold, businesses streamline their payouts technology and operations, while getting the network and global coverage of multiple payouts solutions.

 To learn more about Bold, visit their website: https://gobold.com/

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Episode 105: Pokémon GO

Episode 105

This week, Brian and Mike talk about Pokémon GO, and the never before seen impact it’s had on small businesses by actually putting feet inside of storefronts. We discuss how Brian acted fast to write a booklet which has sold thousands of copies in the first week! It’s important to look at every change in the world as opportunity, not a threat and the rapid growth of Pokemon is no exception, many people are fearful at the impact it may have, others capitalize on it… the choice is up to you.

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Episode 99: There Is A Revolution Ahead And It Has A Voice

Episode 99

Today Brian and Mike discussed the news of Viv Labs launching publicly and the representative revolution in AI this represents.
The core of the discussion stems from the ideas of exformation (information subconsciously filtered out to give you a seamless perception of reality) originally presented in our interview of Tor Nørretranders. We use these building blocks and the history of basic human communication and technological progress to draw predictions on the future of how tech will creep up on us and change our everyday lives.

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Episode 87: Interview with Tor Nørretranders

Tor Nørretranders



Episode 87

  • New book: Light! On light in life and the life in light
  • Life in the early 80’s working in Danish broadcasting television
  • Inspiration for User Illusion – on being a 11 year old goalkeeper
  • Covering Exformation
  • Tough decisions on driverless cars
  • Is Singularity a reality, and when?
  • Benjamin Libet – ½ second delay, and when are we aware of a decision
  • What is the future of science in consciousness?
  • Closing message to listeners

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Big Moves by Facebook, Uber, and Braintree

Episode 85

This week we talk Facebook+Uber+Braintree, what are they up to? Apple Pay and Samsung enter China partner China Union Pay, Target’s rumored new Wallet App using NFC, Global Payments acquires Heartland Payment systems, Pinterest Buyable pins now come with price tracking, plus new segments in our show, including Limelight where we showcase a new startup, a personality and an article/blog article we might have read about.

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Interview with Peter Ohser EVP Business Development for MoneyGram

Episode 79

Interview with Peter Ohser EVP Business Development for MoneyGram

In this special episode Mike & Faisal interview Peter Ohser, EVP (Business Development) for MoneyGram, one of the large incumbents in the money transfer space.

Peter Ohser, EVP Business Development for MoneyGram


About MoneyGram

MoneyGram is a global provider of innovative money transfer and payment services. We provide quick and reliable worldwide funds transfer through our vast network of approximately 350,000 agent locations – including retailers, international post offices and banks – in more than 200 countries and territories. It is recognized worldwide as a financial connection to friends and family. We have a fast-growing $125 million self-service business. That means we are more accessible for more consumers in more places. Whether online, or through a mobile device, at a kiosk or in a local store, we connect consumers any way that is convenient for them. Our services are trusted by tens of millions of customers around the world. MoneyGram’s platform enables money transfers to cross physical boundaries like country borders or cross digital boundaries like mobile wallets.

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Trump & T-Mobile Hacks, EMV in America, Poor Bitcoin, to Psychology of Marketplaces

Episode 78

This week we discuss we touch upon the recent rise in hacking, where customer data is being leaked on to the Internet. The most recent hack of Trump Hotels & T-Mobile – what does it mean for the consumer?

On 1st of October 2015, EMV formally became a requirement in the US, and has now shifted the liability of card fraud to the merchant is they are not EMV compliant. Brian expands on what this means for credit/debit card users in America.

Faisal briefly talks about Ben Milne (founder of Dwolla) and his blog article on Blockchains. What truly should be a banking blockchain and Ben’s vision/opinion on it.

Brian and Faisal discuss Bitcoin – has it lost its shine? There seems to be a slow down in both Bitcoin and Blockchain.

Last, but not the least, Mike touches upon the marketplaces in America, specifically understanding the psychology behind the marketplaces.

Our speakers in this week’s episode:


  1. Trump Hotels Data Breach
  2. T-Mobile Hacks
  3. EMV in America – Brian Roemmele’s take on it.
  4. Ben Milne’s Blog article on Blockchain
  5. Understanding the Psychology of Marketplaces

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