Episode 185: Interview with Jack Nikogosian

Episode 185: Interview with Jack Nikogosian

Founder and CEO of Fintech company ARYZE.


Jack Nikogosian is an engaging speaker and very passionate about payments, crypto, and banking. In 2015, Jack already proved his interest in crypto by living off of bitcoin for a whole month, earning him the name Bitcoin Jack. His involvement and professionalism within the blockchain and crypto sphere developed further over the years. In 2019, he was listed as one of the top 100 talents in Denmark, and got included on the impressive Forbes 30 under 30 Finance list for Europe. Besides leading his company and its employees, Jack is a tech advisor to some of Denmark’s top companies and has spoken at conferences in New York, Singapore, The Philippines, and all over Europe. Jack is truly an acknowledged expert in the field and inspires many professionals.

With his well-developed knowledge and experience in the Fintech industry, Jack founded ARYZE in 2017. He has built up a successful company that is changing the way people pay. ARYZE’s vision is based on solving four pillars: credit and market risk, money laundering, financial exclusion, and remittances. 

The company is working towards solving the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal Numbers 9, 10, and 16. It does so by building a secure financial platform that is accessible to the financially excluded, and where costs are brought to near zero. Since 2017, ARYZE has achieved some significant milestones: in 2019, the company closed the first successful ICO in Danish history and was mentioned as both a top 50 Nordic Impact Company and one of the Ten Most Promising Fintechs in Europe by Fintech50. 

Today, ARYZE is passionately led by Jack and is successfully establishing itself in the industry. The values ‘inclusivity’, and ‘transparency’ are embedded in the company’s culture and show what ARYZE is truly about.

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Host: Mike Townsend

Guest: Jack Nikogosian

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