Episode 194: Interview with Alex Bouaziz

Episode 194: Interview with Alex Bouaziz

CEO of Deel


In this episode, Mike Townsend interviews Alex Bouaziz, the founder and CEO of Deel. Alex is a true international entrepreneur, having been born and raised in Paris, France, he then went to undergraduate university in Tel Aviv, Israel, studying civil and environmental engineering. We chatted about his time getting a master's degree at MIT and starting on his Ph.D. researching water treatment. The conversation moved quickly into the future of remote work, how companies are hiring now, what countries have the best and worse employment laws, and what a long term vision for Deel could look like to improve the international standard for employment. 

The world looks a lot different today than it did 50 years ago and it will look just as different 50 years in the future, learn what those differences are and more on the show!

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Host: Mike Townsend

Guest: Alex Bouaziz

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