Episode 281: Micha Benoliel, CEO and Co-Founder at Nodle

In this episode, Mike Townsend speaks with Micha Benoliel, the CEO and Co-Founder of Nodle, a privacy-first, decentralized wireless network for connecting Internet of Things devices and sensors to the Internet, and Coalition Network, a non-profit foundation that provides open-source, secure exposure notification solutions for governments and enterprises to protect their citizens during pandemics. The Coalition App, the open-source Whisper Tracing Protocol, and the award-winning Nodle M1, a social distancing wearable device, were developed by Micha, the Nodle team, and a few independents. Previously, Micha enabled Skype to launch Skype In And Skype Out and built several ventures and products in the space of telecommunications, networking, and the Internet: Open Garden; FireChat App, which was (10M+ downloads) a peer-to-peer Bluetooth-based messaging technology used to stay connected and communicate in areas without internet access, including during the 2014 Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution; Replika.ai and PiperChain (Sold to RightMesh).

Host: Mike Townsend

Guest: Micha Benoliel

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Episode Transcript