Fintech Podcast - Episode 147 - Interview with Mike Jones CEO of Science Inc

Episode 147

It is not every day you get to interview great people. Mike Jones who is the Co-Founder and CEO of Science Inc., a very successful VC firm based out of Los Angeles. We get to talk to Mike about his past success (Dollar Shave Club, Famebit, HelloSociety to name a few), and how the idea behind Science came about and what is it that they do differently. Also, we have Mike open up a bit about their upcoming Science ICO.

About Science

The founders of Science, Inc., one of the most successful start-up incubators, who together have helped reshape and build the value of California’s startup ecosystem, today announced the formation of a new incubator, “Science Blockchain,” that will allow investors to participate through an ICO in a focused effort to operationalize, grow and monetize Blockchain technology and its applications.

There’s no question blockchain is a transformational technology that can disrupt the way nearly every business or financial transaction takes place. Yet it’s still at an early stage of its development and so represents a major growth opportunity for both entrepreneurs and investors, especially if they’re given structure, guidance, resources and a high standard of governance of the kind that the Science, Inc. team has a track record of providing.

A New Bar For ICO’s

Recognizing that blockchain technology can also be used to redefine how an investment vehicle operates for the benefit of its participants, Science, Inc. will fund Science Blockchain via an initial coin offering (ICO).

The structure will allow investors a chance to participate in any upside two ways: first, via a direct distribution of tokens issued by portfolio companies to incubator token holders, and second, by using a fixed percentage of returns from the sale of portfolio companies to buy back incubator tokens on the market.

While not the first investment vehicle to offer investor participation via an ICO, Science Blockchain is the first incubator to do so, and intends to firmly take a leadership position in this emerging marketplace with regard to structure, transparency, and compliance.

The investment focus of the incubator will be companies developing and deploying blockchain technology, in particular, those that develop protocols that help companies ICO and help the ICO market mature.

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