Fintech Podcast - Episode 150 - Discussing Segwit & Segwit2X with Ryan X. Charles

Episode 150

Bitcoin recently experienced a hard fork which resulted in Bitcoin classic if you will and Bitcoin Cash. This was because of Segwit. Now there is Segwit2X coming up and the possibility to have perhaps another form of bitcoin - i.e. there will be 3 different versions of bitcoin out to trade and use.

To explain all this, we needed to bring an expert in. Ryan Charles is the Cofounder and CEO of

Ryan's been involved in the blockchain industry since 2011. He's has worked as an engineer at BitPay and BitGo as well as he was the Cryptocurrency engineer of Reddit from 2014-2015. As a proponent of Bitcoin Cash, Ryan explains to us the intricacies of what's happening with Bitcoin.

To help us with that, I've invited Nako Mbelle who is one of our new co-hosts and she will be having this illuminating chat with Ryan.

About Ryan

Ryan X. Charles is the Cofounder & CEO of Yours. Yours is a social blogging platform like Medium, but with a twist: Users can place a pay wall at a location and price of their choosing inside their article. They can charge any amount they want for their article, say 1 cent, or 10 cents, or one dollar or more. But more than that, we have a number of other payment mechanisms to get people paid not just for creating content, but also curating, moderating and commenting on content.

Ryan X. Charles has been involved in the blockchain industry since 2011. He has worked as an engineer at BitPay and BitGo. He was the cryptocurrency engineer of reddit from 2014 - 2015. He has been full-time on Yours since 2015. The beta launch of Yours was in late August, 2017.

Otter Labs -> Otter helps startups hire talented inexpensive developers faster through staff augmentation, focusing on Argentina.

Redeeem -> Redeeem is a decentralized peer-to-peer exchange that lets you save 15% or more on gift cards using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.


Nako Mbelle

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Guest: Ryan X. Charles

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