Fintech Podcast - Money on the Move: Pilot Episode

Money transfer & remittances account for a $600 billion economy annually. Perhaps equal in number is the informal channel. Money On the Move is the first podcast dedicated to the money transfer and cross-border payments industry.

As a podcast about how money moves, MotM will cover such topics as cross-border money transfers, domestic money transfers, mobile money, mobile payments and much more.

In this first episode, Faisal Khan is joined by our new co-host Malini Kannan. Malini is a cross-border payments and money transfer enthusiast. Currently based in Singapore, she manages Business Strategy and Operations at TransferTo.

This pilot episode discusses money transfer and some of the top themes of 2017 related to the money transfer industry such as:

  • Transferwise valuation
  • Progress for Digital MTOs
  • New money transfer users
  • Strategy of current MTOs to make the transition from physical stores to digital
  • Ant Financial and Moneygram

Our co-hosts also offer predictions for 2018 for the money transfer ecosystem. Tune in and dive into the world of money transfers.


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Malini Kannan

Faisal Khan

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Episode Transcript