Interview with Laurent Oberholzer & François Briod (Co-Founders) of TawiPay

Interview with Laurent Oberholzer & François Briod (Co-Founders) of TawiPay

TawiPay is a search engine for international money transfers, helping people find the cheapest, fastest, most convenient and trustworthy ways to send their money around the world. The platform lists over 440 money transfer companies across 280 corridors and is available in 9 different languages.

TawiPay’s comparison tool is very easy to use and consists of just a few clicks. After inputting the amount and the receiving country, users can see all established money transfer services and compare their fees, exchange rates, transfer times and payment methods at a glance. A special emphasis is placed on fully disclosing all hidden fees, so that users may always make an informed decision when choosing the best service for their needs.

TawiPay is fully independent, completely free of charge, and was founded by three Swiss entrepreneurs with the explicit goal of helping migrants save on their remittances. By switching to cheaper services, it is estimated that migrants could save up to $28 billion in transfer fees every year, thereby allowing more money to flow to developing countries to pay for vital expenses such as food, education and healthcare.

TawiPay also provides money transfer companies with a novel way of promoting their services to a migrant community several million strong, highlighting their competitive advantage in a fair, transparent and credible fashion. In order to better understand their market, TawiPay’s partners also gain access to market analytics and business intelligence.

Global Remittances Observatory

The Global Remittances Observatory aims at providing public and private institutions working to reduce the cost of remittances with the information and the tools they need to design and implement better products or policies, and to assess and monitor their impact.

Building on our comparison platform for money transfer services already helping thousands of migrants each month to find better options to send money home, we want to leverage our technologies and databases to empower institutional actors from the public and private sector with aggregate information on remittances prices and trends.

The Global Remittances Observatory project is in its preliminary phase, and we are now seeking financing to scale our data collection process and to develop the analysis tool and the interface necessary to make sense of the huge data set we want to build.

Host: Faisal Khan

Guests: François Briod and Laurent Oberholzer

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